I have almost 15 years of industry experience designing and building digital products, mobile applications, and websites. After working on a diverse array of teams on a wide breadth of projects, I am uniquely talented at designing digital applications that exceed business goals and user expectations.

Product and business owners value my ability to bridge the communication gaps between designers and developers, and my ability to design the complex systems that bring their vision to life. I am equally at home embedded in a group of developers, leading a group of designers, or designing a strategy for meeting a business's goals. Logo

I'm currently the Creative Director at Medici, leading a team of designers and helping the product, marketing, and business teams navigate the healthcare industry. We're aiming for no less than to transform the provider/patient relationship.


As a Creative Director of a growing team, I pour much of my energy into helping my team do the best work of their careers. I relish opportunities to get my hands dirty though. Some of these examples are a year or two old but continue to provide value to this day.

Video Chat Application

Video Application - Chiron Health

Bespoke video chat application used for tens of thousands of appointments

Landing Page Generator

Practice Landing Page Generator - Chiron Health

Lead-gen marketing pages for Chiron Health clients

Appointment Billing Application

Appointment Billing Application - Chiron Health

High-speed insurance and billing context for providers

Pijn Pages - James Hafner - Product Designer

Pijn Pages

A powerful platform that turns videos into interactive campaigns


I've had the opportunity to work with some incredible people on some incredible projects and have been lucky enough to work with folks from these fine establishments:

DreamWorks Animation Logo The Ellen Degeneres Show Logo The United Nations Logo Warner Brothers Logo Katy Perry Logo Demand Media Logo

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